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Couldn’t resist doing a post on my latest shop from

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I just had to do a little short and sweet post about this product.

I have really, really pale skin naturally so I find it really hard to find a tanning product that works. Moisturisers have always worked best for me because my skin is also really dry, and other products seem to go patchy.

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Fashion: vintage and not so vintage finds jennifer alice youth novels

I’ve made some great finds recently after doing some digging around. I’m not usually one to spend enough time looking through vintage shops for items, I get a bit impatient and end up shopping online as you can easily find what you’re looking for.

But – moving to the Northern Quarter in Manchester has got me into the ritual of scouring nearby shops for hidden gems as a nice little Saturday morning activity. I went back to Leeds recently and decided to look in some shops there too (funny how you look in different places once you move away). Here’s a round-up of some nice vintage (and new) finds I’ve either purchased or been given recently.

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Jennifer Alice Youth Novels

Please excuse the lame feature image. It’s supposed to be me giving the mark of approval on some good products. But err… yeah.

So I’m turning over a new leaf, and whilst trying to get in shape and eat well, I’m also trying to get my skin and hair in a good condition.

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Bedroom moodboard - boho bedroom - retro bedroom

So, I’m a pretty messy person. Got to admit it. However, I’m hoping that if I give myself enough inspiration I’ll actually want to keep my space nice. In a few weeks I’m moving with my housemates into a new flat, with a slightly bigger bedroom. My current bedroom doesn’t even have a window, so that’ll be a novelty. I’ll also have a proper wardrobe, and a proper door! (I do love my current flat, don’t get me wrong…). Anyway, I thought I’d get a post done to remind me of what I could potentially have if I pull my finger out. These rooms are pretty similar to my new one, so I’m quite excited!

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Berliner Dome Jennifer Alice

Last week, I was supposed to be going on holiday to Berlin for a few days with a friend of mine. We’d booked the trip last minute, literally the Wednesday before the Sunday we were going to go. I’d been in need of a holiday for a while, having not really had a “proper” one for quite some time and having had a hectic year.

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